New sections included in your December 31,2016 Manulife Securities statement

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Changes have been made on investment statements to help increase investor understanding.  Research indicated investors want to better understand “How am I doing?” and “What is it costing me?”  The purpose is to implement a standardized clearly designed, plain language report. 

There are two new sections that will be included in your December 31, 2016 statement from Manulife Securities:  Annual Performance of this Account and Annual Charges and Commissions for this Account.  One is for fees and the other is for performance.  Let’s take a closer look at these two new reports and what they mean to you.


 ‘Annual Performance of this Account’ report

Internal rates of return (IRR) calculation will now be used as an industry standard going forward.  In the attached summary by Manulife Securities Internal rate of return … the new math, it explains “Until recently, Modified Dietz was the industry’s favoured method for calculating personal rates of return, largely because it’s a simple calculation.  However, the Modfied Dietz calculation takes mathematical shortcuts, which means it can only estimate the true money-weighted rate of return.”  In short, the new IRR calculation is regarded as being a more precise method and will now be the industry standard going forward.


‘Annual Charges and Commissions for this Account’

Any account charges or commissions received by Manulife Securities will be listed on your statement.  From there, Manulife Securities shares a portion of this with your advisor (i.e. Farrow Financial) to service your account and provide advice. 


View sample of the new statement for Manulife Securities Annual Charges and Commissions and Annual Performance here 


What’s the take-away?  It is designed to give Investors some more detailed insight on both performance and fees.  It helps to further educate investors and encourage deeper understanding.  Today's investors have many options; it's a matter of working with your investment advisor to find the best fit.


At Farrow Financial we strive to serve our clients in the best way possible, and provide ongoing valuable information to help our investors learn and grow.  As always, you have any questions please call us.  We're here to help.



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